Business & Corporate Coaching

Benefits of Coaching for Corporate and Public Sector Organisations

Coaching is becoming increasingly popular in business and not just at senior level. As company structures become flatter and less hierarchical, the benefits of developing good coaching skills to grow and develop are becoming better understood. Management styles are changing and a more empowering approach is now expected by the younger generation. Developing good coaching skills for managers internally is a ‘must’ now for many business, but to facilitate more transformative, faster change, an independent coach is often necessary. This is partly due to expertise but also due to the purely objective role of the independent coach who is acting without agenda and only with the best interests of the client in mind.

Support through periods of change

Coaching is a great for supporting people through periods of change, especially when they are taking on a new role or dealing with a structural change. Employees are also looking for greater meaning and life satisfaction in their working lives and offering coaching is a great benefit for employees. It can improve well-being by allowing them to step back and see the wood from the trees.

Business coaching in St. Albans

Coaching support for working parents

I am especially passionate about supporting working parents and mothers returning to work after long periods of maternity leave (this equally applies to fathers in the same position). It can be a huge period of change in life that requires additional support with rebuilding confidence, reconnecting with working life, rebuilding networks and understanding new ways of working.

Business coaching for working parents

Types of coaching packages

Parental Coaching Package

3 x coaching sessions, before, during and on return from maternity leave.
  • Understanding career purpose and personal objectives
  • Reconnecting with working life and preparing for return to work
  • Rebuilding professional confidence, reconnecting with values

Supporting Working Parents

3 x coaching sessions – looks at themes such as:
  • Balancing parenting with a career
  • Dealing with guilt
  • Understanding boundaries
  • Your personal brand
  • Creating new and better habits
  • Developing increased perspective

Coaching for New Fathers

2 x coaching sessions.
  • Preparing for the new arrival and impact at work
  • Looking at new ways of working
  • Changes in values and what is important

Executive Management Coaching

On-going coaching or agreed number of sessions for leaders and managers.
  • Focus can be on a specific theme or issue
  • Identify goals and keep accountable
  • Explore current challenges

Outplacement Coaching

Coaching following redundancy (bespoke for your requirements).
  • Coaching session(s) to work through emotions relating to the redundancy and consider what next, how to move forward
  • Feedback on CV and LinkedIn – review and update
  • Interview practice and feedback
  • Practical career advice

Local Business and Start-ups

Coaching for smaller local businesses and start-ups.
  • Help set goals and identify priorities
  • Keep on track and accountable
  • Confidential sounding board
  • Build confidence and motivation

Performance Coaching

Supporting individuals with improving performance – this can be on a specific topic or area of challenge. Number of sessions to be agreed.


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