One to One Personal Coaching

Are you looking to take positive steps in your life?

From exploring career crossroads to supporting new mums returning to work, I offer direct, personal coaching to individuals. My coaching tends to be focused on helping clients through changes in their professional working lives.

The common themes and areas where I help

  • Balancing work and parenthood
  • Returning to work including after maternity leave
  • Changing career direction
  • Support during job search and with interviewing
  • Starting a new job
  • Looking to step up for promotion
  • Building confidence
  • Getting better work/life balance
  • Well-being at work
  • Coping with being overwhelmed
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Types of coaching programmes

Maternity Coaching – 1.5 hours x 3

Support for new mums before, during and after maternity leave looking to reduce
the impact on their career and adapting to new ways of working.

Lack of confidence in professional skills and abilities, and concerns about juggling career and family are just some of the challenges many mothers face going back to work. Maternity coaching is all about helping you make a smooth and confident transition back to work, and ensuring you’ll be at your best both in the workplace and at home.

Free initial consultation

Whatever steps you are looking to take with one to one coaching, I’d be happy to discuss your personal goals and ambitions!


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Returning to work – 1.5 hours x 3 sessions

Supporting anyone returning to work, for example, new parents returning after maternity/parental leave or from a career break. Or you may have taken time out due to sickness, caring responsibilities or following redundancy. Rebuild confidence and reconnect with working life ambitions.

Career crossroads – 1.5 hours x 3 sessions

Explore current and new work opportunities. Identify what is missing for you and how to create more satisfaction, meaning and purpose.

Personal professional life coach St. Albans

Interview and Career Coaching – 1.5 hours x 2 sessions

Explore career opportunities and progression. What are you looking for next?

Interview practice and feedback. How to get better at interviews?

I also provide CV and LinkedIn feedback and updates.

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Single one-off intensive session – 1.5 – 2 hours

Help clarify thinking and identify future goals. Or focus on one issue. Come away with a next-step Action Plan.

Achieving better balance – 1.5 hours x 3 session

Feeling overwhelmed, need help with prioritization? How to find more time? These sessions aim to help you reconnect with what is most important to you, finding ways to achieve a better life balance.